The Voice of Louisiana Self-Insurance just got louder.

The Louisiana Association of Self-Insured Employers (LASIE) has promoted and protected the right of businesses to self-insure for more than 20 years. Today, we serve more members, offer more services and represent more lines of self-insurance than ever before. Join us as we continue our work to strengthen the rights and resources available to self-insurers throughout Louisiana. The time for action is now!

The first organization in America to represent all lines of self-insurance:

Our expansion brings more services, more political influence and more value to our members.

  • Legislative & Regulatory Activity
    LASIE is steadfast and diligent in our efforts to sponsor and support legislation to safeguard the right to self-insure. Equally important is our watchful eye over laws and regulation that adversely affects self-insurance programs.
  • LASIE Members
    LASIE members stay informed of national trends and issues through our membership in state and national organizations.
  • Amicus Curiae
    LASIE members participate in this "friend of the court" process as cases of particular interest warrant.
  • Conferences
    Our annual conferences offer up-to-the-minute programs of importance to self-insureds and set a benchmark standard for industry information and education.
  • Educational Seminars
    LASIE presents topic specific programs designed to help members achieve best practices and lower overall costs.
  • National Certification Programs
    These programs are designed to teach specialized knowledge and skills required in the field.
  • Information Clearinghouse
    LASIE provides information to keep members abreast of requirements for approval and compliance for self-insurance issues.
    Our Political Action Committee promotes legislators who understand the economic importance of self-insurance interests in Louisiana.
  • Advance Notices
    LASIE informs members of impending industry action mandates or legislative changes as they occur.
  • "One Stop"
    LASIE is a one-stop association for all self-insurance issues.
Add your voice to the conversation.

We need your help to make Louisiana’s self-insurance community the best in the nation. Contact LASIE for more information about how you can add your voice to ours and start making a difference.