• American Red Cross May Promotion

    10-20% Discount on all OSHA Compliance Training-Renewal Supplies

  • One Crucial Way Aviation Safety Could Help Advance Health Care Programming

    Air travel and healthcare have operational parallels, but the key difference for air safety lies in its well-researched top-notch policies and procedures. How can we bring healthcare up to speed? Let’s talk.

  • Outliers should be Outed

    High intensity could also be called "outliers." The 5-20% of prescribers that are responsible for 70-90% of the painkillers. The 5-20% of patients that consume 70-90% of the painkillers (or alcohol, or marijuana, or ...).

  • Hospital Billing - True Cost of Healthecare

    Spending time in the hospital is very expensive. Rather than giving you an itemized list of everything that might go into a hospital stay, I’ll talk about something that should be almost as good: bills from a hospital, complete with final reimbursement amounts. That should give us a pretty good idea of the value of hospital services, since insurance companies have access to all the costs and specialize in being able to offer the minimum amount any institution is likely to accept.

  • Louisiana Compmetrics

    Compmetrics is the empirical analysis of the health of a workers' compensation system. It is the analytical, evidence-based approach to developing a workers' compensation system that prioritizes appropriate medical care for injured workers and at the same time promotes a cost-effective and efficient workers' compensation system.


    Affirmed WCJ’s grant of summary judgment in favor of the employer/carrier, dismissing claim for death benefits based on fraud.

  • Work Comp's Bitter Pill. Ending Opioid Abuse Critical to Speeding Return to Work

    It’s no secret that pharmacy costs often tip the scales for self-insured group health plans, but they’re also a signifi cant concern for self-insured workers’ compensation programs for several reasons.

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Module I - May 8, 2017
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2017 Open Forum
July 12, 2017
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