The goals of LASIE remain constant – improving the workers' compensation environment for the state of Louisiana, promoting self-insurance, increasing the strength of our organization through membership, and encouraging participation from all our members.

How to Become a Member:

It's easy. Simply fill out the Membership Brochure and return it with your dues check for the appropriate amount from the category list shown below. Membership in LASIE is open to any business involved and interested in workers' compensation and self-insurance in Louisiana.

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Annual Membership Dues Schedule:

Group Self Insurance Fund
(Manual premium of $3 million or greater) – $2,700.00
(Manual premium of less than $3 million) – 1,600.00

Self Insured Employer – 450.00
Deductible Policy Employer – 450.00
Third Party Administrator – 450.00
Insurance Company/Reinsurance Company – 450.00
Associate (law firms, and related services) – 350.00
Associations – 450.00

Annual membership dues are relied upon to continue the vigilant watch over workers' compensation issues that affect self-insured employers, group funds, service companies and related businesses throughout the state. The right to self-insure is only as strong as the united effort to preserve it.

Services to Members

Legislative Activity -we are steadfast and diligent in our efforts to sponsor and support legislation to safeguard the right to self-insure.
Anti-Fraud Interest - we support and encourage enforcement of anti-fraud initiatives through appropriate agencies.
Through membership in the Self Insurance Institute of America (SIIA), Unemployment & Worker's Compensation (UWC), National Council of Self Insurers (NCSI) LASIE members stay informed of national trends, issues and legislation.
Amicus Curiae - LASIE members participate in this "friend of the court" process as cases of particular interest warrant.
Conferences – our Annual conferences offer up-to-the-minute programs of importance to self-insurers and has set a benchmark standard for industry information and education.
Educational Seminars - presenting topic specific programs designed to help members lower their medical and administrative costs.
Certified Workers' Compensation Professional Program - the CWCP designation program was designed to teach workers' compensation professionals the specialized knowledge and skills required in the field.
CMSP - is a 36 hour program designed to give advanced and practical skills required to acquire certification in Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance.
Information Clearinghouse - keeping members abreast of requirements for approval and compliance for self-insurance.
LASIE PAC - the Political Action Committee promotes legislators who understand the economic importance of self-insurance interests in Louisiana.
Advance Notices - provides impending industry action mandates or legislative changes as they occur.
Newsletters - offers to our members meaningful and timely articles and industry information.

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