To unify for the promotion and protection of self-insurance as a right and to serve as a resource for leadership in the industry.

The History of LASIE
The Louisiana Association of Self Insured Employers (LASIE) was formed in 1991 to promote and protect the right of businesses to self-insure. The organization serves as a spokesman at the state level on issues affecting self-insurers and workers' compensation, acts as a statewide information service and educational forum for Louisiana employers.

LASIE Advocates These Ideals
        •  Financially responsible employers should have the privilege of self-insuring;
      •  Compensation programs should be administered fairly and responsibly;
      •  Workers injured within the scope of their employment should receive adequate compensation and appropriate medical care;
      •  Disputed claims should be adjudicated promptly and impartially;
      •  The cost of providing compensation by the employer should be given proper economic consideration whenever compensation           laws are considered.